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SGD 12.99
Japan Iriki Kinkan is also commonly known as Kumquat has a smooth bright orange exterior that resembles a mini orange. The skin is edible and is said to be good for the soothing a sore throat.
SGD 3.99
Lemon has a bright yellow peel, with bright yellow flesh on the inside. The pulps are extremely acidic, giving them their natural sour taste. Looking past the sourness, lemon has an aromatic citrus scent that...
SGD 12.99
The Sabah Tambun Pomelo has a round exterior with pink pulpy flesh on the inside. The pulps are sweet and filled with aromatic juice! every bite brings a tingling sensation to your tongue! The Tambun Pomelo is...
SGD 49.99
Ba Ba Mandarin is a variety of sweet and juicy orange! They have protruding heads and some leaves. Do eat only when the peel loosens from orange, indicating ripeness! Do note that the packaging may differ!
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