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SGD 3.49
The Berangan Banana, also known as "Ang Bak Jio", which also means red-fleshed Banana in the "Hokkien" language. This Banana has a pleasant acidity and slightly dry, starchy texture.
SGD 3.99
The Pisang Mas, also known as "Pang Jio", which also means Fragrant Banana in the "Hokkien" language. This Banana has a golden-yellow flesh that is sweet like a honey and faintly gelatinous.
SGD 3.99
The Pisang Lemak, also known as the 40-days Banana, known for its quick maturation period. The texture is sweet and creamy! Suitable for both eating and deep-frying.
SGD 4.99
The yellow kumquat is an edible, orange-like fruit that is native to China. The fruit may resemble an orange, but is quite small and it skin is edible. Kumquat has been known to soothe the throats and prevent...
SGD 34.99
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Our South Africa Premium Red Cherries are handpicked by professional farmers during harvest and by us before sending the cherries to your doorsteps, ensuring quality and taste. The size and flavor of the cherries vary...
SGD 39.99
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Rainier cherries distinguish themselves by the color of their skin and their unparalleled sweetness. The flavor of Rainier cherries is memorably sweet, with a caramel-like finish on the palate. White Cherries are also...
SGD 11.99
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Abiu Fruit or Golden Fruit has a smooth yellow exterior that resembles a ball. The fruit has a custard consistency that is sweet and mild taste, that resembles a caramel flan.
SGD 59.99
The Pink Awayuku Strawberries are air-flown directly from Japan, these strawberries has a pink-reddish tone resembling a cherry blossom. This variety is extremely sweet and juicy, with a smooth creamy texture!
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