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SGD 3.49
The Berangan Banana, also known as "Ang Bak Jio", which also means red-fleshed Banana in the "Hokkien" language. This Banana has a pleasant acidity and slightly dry, starchy texture.
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These lychees from Hainan Island have something missing, and it is something we won't miss! Yes, its that annoying seed that you have to spit out once you bite through the flesh! The Hainan Island Seedless Lychees has...
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Our USA Premium Red Cherries are handpicked by professional farmers during harvest and by us before sending the cherries to your doorsteps, ensuring quality and taste. The size and flavor of the cherries vary from the...
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Rainier cherries distinguish themselves by the color of their skin and their unparalleled sweetness. The flavor of Rainier cherries is memorably sweet, with a caramel-like finish on the palate. White Cherries are also...
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