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SGD 2.99
Honey pineapples are slightly smaller than common pineapples and have a round to slightly cylindrical shape with tall, dark green leaves. The pineapple is a local delight that is enjoy by many customers, as they are...
SGD 5.99
The Thailand Sugar Pineapple may not catch your eye due to its ordinary stature, but it can catch your taste buds! The pineapple is sweet like sugar, and every bite comes with an ooze of juice that makes stopping...
SGD 3.99
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Elongated in shape, this Hong Kong papaya is deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency taste. The flesh is orange in colour and firm in texture.
SGD 6.99
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This is the traditional passion fruit that you normally see in the supermarket. The flesh is firm, juicy, with an abundance of seeds that are edible. The taste is tart and sour.
SGD 6.99
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The Thailand Longan's flesh is almost translucent with a seed that binds the the fruit together. The taste is sweet, with a unique musky aroma that no other fruit has!
SGD 8.99
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Air-Flown directly from Indonesia, this Mangosteen has a dark-purple peel that resembles a flower, the flesh is pearly-white and is delectably sweet and juicy! Do note that size varies and is subjective.
SGD 6.99
Similar to the White-Flesh Dragon Fruit, in terms of appearances, the Red-Flesh Dragon Fruit has a shorter stem, however, the flesh is sweeter and have a higher level of anti-oxidant!
SGD 6.99
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These Pink Guavas are air-flown directly from Vietnam, they have a smooth green exterior and a beautiful pink flesh. This variety of pink guavas has lesser seeds than usual, some would say seedless due to how small...
SGD 12.99
The Taiwan Honey Starfruit has more obvious ridges compared to the Malaysia Honey Starfruit. It is also larger in size. Starfruit has been known to ease a sore throat, soothes inflammation.
SGD 11.99
Spain Kaki Persimmons have several stages of "ripeness". Be it hard or soft, it still tastes sweet and delightful!
SGD 11.99
Thailand Honey Mangoes are very aromatic and boast a super sweet, rich, honey flavor. The firm flesh is free of fibers and features a buttery texture
SGD 19.99
R2E2 is one of the largest Aussie Mango. The flesh is lemonish-yellow with a sweet, and mild flavour. It emits a unique floral aroma that penetrates the skin, which indicates ripeness and juiciness!
SGD 7.99
The Combodia Golden Mango has a golden exterior, slightly smaller than the Honey Mango, but packs the same impact. The texture is firm, sweet and aromatic. Definitely a steal!
SGD 29.99
The Dutch Melon has a yellow netted exterior, and has a beautiful emerald flesh that is sweet, juicy and aromatic! This melon originated from Japan, but it is grown right beside us in Malaysia in a secure greenhouse...
SGD 9.99
The Hami Melon originated from Xin Jiang, China and the one you are receiving is known as the Ba Liu Wang (八六王), which means eighty-sixth emperor. This Xinjiang cantaloupe has beautiful netted patterns, and it tastes...
SGD 9.99
Black Beauty Watermelon are extremely crisps and juicy, with a refreshing sweetness that lingers in your mouth! The black seeds are made into sweet and salty snacks called "Kauci"! Theirs seeds are edible!
SGD 17.99
The Malaysia Watermelon is one of the most popular heavy-lifting fruits in the community. The light and dark green exterior, along with the deep red flesh brings joy to all Singaporeans eyes and heart. The watermelon...
SGD 11.99
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Abiu Fruit or Golden Fruit has a smooth yellow exterior that resembles a ball. The fruit has a custard consistency that is sweet and mild taste, that resembles a caramel flan.
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