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SGD 10.99
The Pacific Rose Apple has a beautiful pink-reddish tone on the outside, crisps and juicy on the inside! The apple excretes a fruity and sweet aroma, that comes with every bite!
SGD 4.99
The Chinese White Pear per its name has a white peel, with a brown top near its stem. It has crystal clear flesh with a high water content. Lower sugar content compare to the other pears. Good for soup or detox water!
SGD 8.99
Korean Singo Pear has a beautiful cinnamon exterior and bright creamy white flesh. The pear is crunchy and its sweetness will melt and linger on your tongue for quite some time! Each Pear can weigh up to 800g - 1kg!
SGD 7.99
The Peckham Pear has a long storage life. It is sweet and soft when fully riped. Personally I like to eat it soft, but we have customers who love eating it when it is still crunchy and sweet!
SGD 12.99
The Sabah Tambun Pomelo has a round exterior with pink pulpy flesh on the inside. The pulps are sweet and filled with aromatic juice! every bite brings a tingling sensation to your tongue! The Tambun Pomelo is...
SGD 2.99
Honey pineapples are slightly smaller than common pineapples and have a round to slightly cylindrical shape with tall, dark green leaves. The pineapple is a local delight that is enjoy by many customers, as they are...
SGD 12.99
Thailand Honey Mangoes are very aromatic and boast a super sweet, rich, honey flavor. The firm flesh is free of fibers and features a buttery texture
SGD 7.99
The Egg Melon has a fully white exterior that is smooth like an egg, the flesh is orange and its extremely sweet, aromatic and juicy! The size is perfect for sharing between 2 people, but we don't recommend sharing as...
SGD 12.99
Black Beauty Watermelon are extremely crisps and juicy, with a refreshing sweetness that lingers in your mouth! The black seeds are made into sweet and salty snacks called "Kauci"! Theirs seeds are edible!
SGD 11.99
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Abiu Fruit or Golden Fruit has a smooth yellow exterior that resembles a ball. The fruit has a custard consistency that is sweet and mild taste, that resembles a caramel flan.
SGD 9.99
Ice Plant is a type of water vegetable that grows fully submerged in the water, so the quality of water that the Ice Plant grows in is critical. Our Japanese Ice Plant is imported directly from the Saga Prefecture,...
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