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SGD 10.99
The Envy apple has a peel that is mostly red with little yellow specks. The peel is fairly thick and tough, and the flesh has a faint yellow that looks like a sunset from afar. It is a sweet apple with low acidity and...
SGD 12.99
The patented Pearl Pear has a thin brown exterior, with an almost pearly white flesh, hence the name. It is sweet, juicy and crunchy! Also known as the Autumn Moon Sugar Pear.
SGD 7.99
The Honey Murcott has an orange exterior that can be easily peeled off. The flesh is delightfully sweet with little to no pith. Every bite brings a zesty burst as pulps pops In your mouth!
SGD 12.99
The Ipoh Tambun Pomelo has a round exterior with pink pulpy flesh on the inside. The pulps are sweet and filled with aromatic juice! every bite brings a tingling sensation to your tongue! The Tambun Pomelo is...
SGD 6.99
Simliar in terms of outlook, the Golden Kiwi has a brown skin, but hairless. They are sweeter and less tart as compare to the Green Kiwi. Not to mention that it has 2x more Vitamin C than an Orange! Kiwis are known...
SGD 12.99
With a swirl of white and red skin, this beautiful peach can instantly catch anyone's attention. Its flesh is exceptionally soft and has a sweetness that lingers in your mouth!
SGD 10.99
Our Flavor Fall Plum has a large body, and a red color exterior, speckled with yellow spots. The Plum is sweet, and juicy when you allow it to fully ripen. if you like abit of tartness, just eat it when it is firm!
SGD 2.99
Honey pineapples are slightly smaller than common pineapples and have a round to slightly cylindrical shape with tall, dark green leaves. The pineapple is a local delight that is enjoy by many customers, as they are...
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