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SGD 9.99
The Honey Murcott has an orange exterior that can be easily peeled off. The flesh is delightfully sweet with little to no pith. Every bite brings a zesty burst as pulps pops In your mouth!
SGD 7.99
Simliar in terms of outlook, the Golden Kiwi has a brown skin, but hairless. They are sweeter and less tart as compare to the Green Kiwi. Not to mention that it has 2x more Vitamin C than an Orange! Kiwis are known...
SGD 2.99
Honey pineapples are slightly smaller than common pineapples and have a round to slightly cylindrical shape with tall, dark green leaves. The pineapple is a local delight that is enjoy by many customers, as they are...
SGD 8.99
The Golden Triangle Pineapple has a semi-transparent flesh and non-tongue-cutting sweetness! Do you know that this pineapple is crowned as the "Opium" Pineapple due to its addictive sweetness and aromatic juice! The...
SGD 11.99
The Ecuador Golden Passion Fruit has a beautiful golden exterior that can be peel off easily like an egg. On the inside, it contains an abundance of white pulpy flesh that is deliciously sweet, juicy and aromatic!
SGD 16.99
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The Organic Thailand Longan is cultivated naturally without the use of any man-made fertilisers. This explains it darker than normal exterior, along with its harder shell! The fruit is also sweet and extremely crunchy!
SGD 12.99
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Our Rambutans are air-flown from Thailand. Most Rambutans have a red hairy exterior, with an almond-like seed. The flavor of a Rambutan is more acidic than the lychee, sweet and very aromatic.
SGD 14.99
With a short and flat body, the astringent Australia Persimmon resembles the Chinese Persimmon. However, don't let its appearance fool you! These persimmons has a sweet and juicy flesh along with a firm texture that...
SGD 17.99
The USA Golden Kiss is one of the sweetest melon among the "Kiss" Family. It is a hybrid of the French Charentais Melon and Sugarkiss Melon, the flesh is succulent, aromatic, sweet and juicy! If you love the Sugarkiss...
SGD 69.99
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"The Mao Shan Wang durian is undoubtedly one of the most beloved durians. Its bittersweet and rich, custardy texture will definitely get you hooked! Each serving of durian is packed upon order and sealed for freshness.
SGD 3.99
Oita Juices
The Oita Juices are imported directly from Japan, the ingredient include natural fruits and vegetables. Their calories are also extremely low, making the perfect cheat drink! Calories range from as low as 30kcal to...
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