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SGD 12.99
The Ipoh Sweet Pomelo has a pinkish-white flesh, its flesh is made up of sweet and juicy pulps, every bite brings a tingling sensation to your tongue! Pomelo peeled for easy consumption!
SGD 3.99
The Thailand Guava has a bright, thin and green peel. The flesh is firm and crisp, not to mention it is seedless. Definetely a great snack. Recommend to add some tangerine skin or sour plum powder.
SGD 2.99
The Australia Rock Melon has a aromatic orange-coral colored flesh. The ripe fruit releases its trademark floral musky aroma, and is extremely sweet and soft!
SGD 7.99
The Egg Melon has a fully white exterior that is smooth like an egg, the flesh is orange and its extremely sweet, aromatic and juicy! The size is perfect for sharing between 2 people, but we don't recommend sharing as...
SGD 11.99
Dino Melon has a white round exterior with dark green striping resembling a dinosaur, hence its name. Dino Melons are aromatic and have a very sweet honey flavor! Best eaten soft! Sometimes the Dino Melon can have an...
SGD 2.49
Yellow watermelons flesh's can range from pale yellow to deep gold and contain brownish black seeds. Their flavor is usually much sweeter offering notes of honey and apricot.
SGD 4.99
The Red Watermelon that we offer, has a large watermelon juice packing in that thick green patterned exterior! The flesh is sweet and the seeds are so small that it is insignificant!
SGD 7.99
Cempedaks have a distinctive aroma that rivals that of a durian. While the strong scent of the Cempudak can put off some people, there is some who loves it to the core. When ripen, the fruit has a sweet, tangy and...
SGD 5.99
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Fresh Pomegranate de-shell for your convenience! Pomegranate has multiple sweet little pulps, which are all high in anti-oxidant! Try not to spit the seeds out, they are where the true nutrients are! Each Cup is...
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